Email Marketing Daily
Thursday, June 24, 2021
  • Service Helps CPGs Determine Best Email Offer Based On Price Sensitivity

    RevTrax helps clients place the best offer at the point of open, based on location, device and other non-PII information. Read the whole story

  • Amazon Prime Day Drove 53% Hike In Ad Spending YoY

    But return on ad spend declined this year, reports Jungle Scout. Read the whole story

  • Apple Says Tight Control Over Apps Boosts Security And Privacy

    Apple, which famously doesn't allow sideloading, says in its new report that doing so "would degrade the security of the iOS platform and expose … Read the whole story

  • Google Pauses FLoC, Extends Cookie Deadline To Late 2023

    Google has extended its deadline to deprecate third-party cookies in its Chrome web browser until late 2023, from the original Jan. 2022 date, and … Read the whole story