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Thursday, October 28, 2021
  • Apple Changes Rules: App Sellers Can Now Send Emails

    App sellers can ask for email addresses as long as the request is optional, the new contract says. Read the whole story

  • Why Apple's Next New Privacy Feature Could Wreak Havoc For Geotargeting

    Performance marketers will want to keep an eye on how Apple promotes the new feature, dubbed private relay, because it could leave them in … Read the whole story

  • B2B Brands Are Offered A Free Data Audit

    Terminus says B2B data is often painfully inaccurate, and claims its CDP can help. Read the whole story

  • Database Pioneer Kate Kestnbaum Dies At 87

    Kate Kestnbaum and her late husband Bob ran the consulting firm Kestnbaum & Co. It was founded in 1967, the same year Lester Wunderman … Read the whole story

  • Zuckerberg's Meta Keynote Is Like Tripping On Acid

    Anyone who lived through the1960s and early 70s might have found Mark Zuckerberg's presentation on the company's new direction a little trippy. On Thursday, … Read the whole story