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Wednesday, May 4, 2022
  • Adobe And Meta Partner On Program For Small Business Owners

    Adobe will provide 10,000 Black, Latinx and Hispanic owners with a one year subscription to Adobe Express. Read the whole story

  • Royal Mail Study Says Consumers Prefer Paper Mail Over Email

    Although the study finds consumers prefer paper mail to email and texts, that only includes customer mail -- not ad mail where the goal … Read the whole story

  • Shifts In Customer Engagement Drive Starbucks To Launch Web 3.0 'Community'

    Amid soaring demand for digital and drive-through orders, the chain will create a "digital Third Place" with an emphasis on blockchain assets like NFTs. Read the whole story

  • How Can Brands Respond To Political And Social Issues Responsibly?

    Marketers and brands have an ethical responsibility to think about how their messaging lands, especially in times of conflict and crisis. Read the whole story