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Friday, May 20, 2022
  • Rules To Text By: Best SMS Practices For Email Marketers

    Text delivery can fail due to invalid phone numbers and connectivity problems, Twilio SendGrid states. Read the whole story

  • ClickReady Streamlines Email Address

    The change to will give the firm a more professional and convenient image, its CEO says. Read the whole story

  • Fake Reviews Surged In 2021

    The data is part of Trustpilot's Transparency Report released this week, which analyzes data across its platform to provide an in-depth analysis of the … Read the whole story

  • Pssst - Brands Are Quietly Eying Creative Agencies, Global Business Services

    The market is sending disruptive intent signals for creative agencies, while big brands also are researching "global business services" in big numbers, suggesting some … Read the whole story

  • Top Media Co. CEOs At Upfront: Getting In Front Of Possible Recessionary Pinch

    Recession market concerns have been amplified this week as TV-based media companies look to stir major interest in the upcoming season for all their … Read the whole story