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Monday, November 21, 2022
  • Mailchimp Is Part Of Intuit's NFL Sponsorship

    Intuit Mailchimp is now the official NFL league sponsor for email marketing and automation. Read the whole story

  • Firm Offers Free Course On DMARC Implementation

    Email security firm EasyDMARC is offering a course to help marketers understand DMARC and how to implement it. Read the whole story

  • News Media Alliance Urges FTC To Adopt New 'Data Poaching Rule'

    The proposed data-poaching rule would grant the sole right to collect consumer data to the known owner or operator of the digital property the … Read the whole story

  • Meta Sued In UK, Suit Alleges Personal Data Collected To Target Ads

    The filing alleges Facebook continues to harvest personal data for ad targeting, and says the company should stop this practice. A combination of data … Read the whole story