Marketing CPG Weekly
Friday, August 28, 2020
  • Ernie The Elf Takes Center Stage In Broad-Based Keebler Campaign

    Consumer research led to the decision not only to keep Ernie and his elfin friends, but give him a more prominent marketing role. Read the whole story

  • Lunchables' Platy And Jackie Teach 'New School Rules'

    Who better to inform kids of new back-to-school standards like wearing face masks than Lunchables' Platy the Platypus and Jackie the Jackalope? Read the whole story

  • CPG Brands Weigh In On COVID-Related Behavior Changes

    Before MediaPost's Brand Insider CPG Summit took place Aug. 18, we asked attendees a series of questions to gauge their advertising behavior. Read the whole story

  • Purina Celebrates National Dog Day With Livestream

    A Purina survey found the majority of puppy owners don't realize breed size determines how long their dog is considered a puppy. Read the whole story

  • Absolutdata Joins Nielsen's Network For CPG Industry

    Joining the Connect Partner Network enables Absolutdata to integrate Nielsen data in its AI-powered solutions. Read the whole story