Marketing CPG Weekly
Friday, September 10, 2021
  • Pepsi Gears Up Fans To Encourage Football Binge-Watching

    NFL's official soft drink is giving away more than $1 million in NFL gear in hope fans will "spend 12 hours on a couch … Read the whole story

  • Want To Dial Down Your Sex Appeal? Try Axe Lite

    Ad for the product features scientist explaining the "attraction coefficient" in the new deodorant formula is notched down by "39 to 42 percent." Read the whole story

  • Serena Williams Stumps For Migraine Med

    The multichannel marketing campaign featuring Williams highlights how the drug works for people with different lifestyles. Read the whole story

  • 'Drinking Less, But Better' Trend Grounds Martini & Rossi Campaign

    Shared drinking is part of Gen Z / Millennial trend toward mindful drinking -- "drinking less, but better"-- with premium/craft cocktails, says company VP. Read the whole story

  • Hallmark's VP: When You Care Enough to Do the Very Best

    "When you push and do it and try something new, great things can happen." It's that adventurous spirit that Alexis Kerr says led her … Read the whole story