Marketing D2C Weekly
Monday, February 17, 2020
  • Honey Enlists LA Clippers Star For Ad

    "This first commercial is a nod to Kawhi's simplistic style and just how easy it is to use Honey," says Honey's Chiyong Jones. Read the whole story

  • Consumers And Marketers Agree Candidates Should Make Privacy A Priority

    People are worried about use of their personal data via social media, email, apps and games, Braze and Wakefield Research report. Read the whole story

  • Kajabi Adds Email Editing Features

    The upgraded email tool is designed to help brands deal with today's complex tech stacks, the company says. Read the whole story

  • Jucebox Adds Integrated Email Marketing Service

    The California company is offering an email blast capability that is integrated with Facebook advertising. Read the whole story

  • Catalog Renaissance: How Well-Designed Books Drive Email Results

    A luxury jewelry seller saw staggering results when it launched a print catalog and tested it with email. Read the whole story

  • The Shadow You And The Real You

    Digital privacy may take a hit, thanks to new products that can help firms to gain insights into website traffic. Read the whole story