Marketing D2C Weekly
Monday, April 15, 2024
  • Hinge Sends Deleted Apps To Heaven

    Once people find true love, that discarded app icon has to go somewhere. But the afterlife's portal is getting crowded. Read the whole story

  • Etsy Predicts: Western 2.0, Garden Girls, All-Out After Parties

    In a nod to its growing clout as a style-setter, the online marketplace is releasing its first spring/summer trend guide. Read the whole story

  • 'Risk'y Business: GeneType Sets Consumer Campaign

    Genetic tests, as sold D2C by startup brand GeneType, can indicate your risk for developing specific major diseases. Read the whole story

  • Olipop On The Power Of Digital OOH

    Olipop partnered with a local artist on a mural representing the city through landmarks and its celebrated hot dogs to create a "crave-worthy art … Read the whole story

  • March Madness Showcases Growth In Women's Sports Viewership

    Viewership for the women's final between Iowa and South Carolina was 21% higher than the men's championship game between University of Connecticut and Purdue … Read the whole story

  • Are 'Brand Safety" Concerns Overblown?

    Stagwell CEO Mark Penn thinks so. Stagwell is holding an event next month where it will release new research backing up his position. Read the whole story