Marketing Daily
Thursday, January 11, 2007
  • Battle Lines Drawn At Detroit Auto Show

    [Automotive] Car companies were showing off their specialty vehicles for the press in Detroit, but the real marketing battle this year will take place ... Read the whole story

  • Crocs Tackle NFL, NHL

    [Footwear] The clunky rubber clogs taking over America's closets are now invading the world of sports. Look for team-branded Crocs for all 32 NFL ... Read the whole story

  • L'Oréal Signs Clive Owen As New Face Of Lancome

    [HBA] British actor Clive Owen will be the face of several new prestige Lancome products for men, including an anti-aging skin care line. Read the whole story

  • Letter From Las Vegas: Apple Stole CES Thunder

    If ever there was a CES scene-stealer, it was the iPhone, reports our correspondent. Her bet is that CES executives will make sure next ... Read the whole story

  • Experiential Campaigns Tout Hybrid Vehicles

    [Automotive] Gasoline prices are down, but carmakers looking to angle in on the hybrid-vehicle market are launching educational campaigns. Toyota's 150-event road show kicks ... Read the whole story

  • NPD: Dieting At An All-Time Low

    [Trends] While 60% of adults say they'd like to lose 20 pounds, dieting in America is at an all-time low, reports NPD Group. Here's ... Read the whole story

  • How To Reach Kids: Put Some Humor In Ads

    [Research] Kids just want to have fun, and that goes for what they expect from their advertising, too. Next on the list of things ... Read the whole story