Marketing Daily
Wednesday, February 21, 2007
  • Functional Food Sales Hit $25 Billion In U.S. In 2006

    [Research] While aging Baby Boomers have a strong interest in such foods, marketers will focus increasingly on a largely untapped younger market in the … Read the whole story

  • Kraft May Partner With Fresh Produce Providers

    [Food] CEO Irene Rosenfeld tells analysts the company has ideas about "how to optimize the supply chain," but a Kraft spokesperson later said it … Read the whole story

  • Big Boxes Report Dismal And Less Dismal Earnings

    [Retail] Home Depot decided to take the "spring will come again" approach while Wal-Mart reiterated its principle that it "saves people money so they … Read the whole story

  • BofA Leaps Ahead With On-The-Go Banking

    [Financial] The bank hopes to inspire loyalty by deepening its relationship with consumers and making it easier for them to get myriad services from … Read the whole story

  • In-Store Media Measurement Heats Up

    [Retail] With the acquisition of Sorensen Associates, TNS is throwing down the gauntlet to Nielsen In-Store as it bolsters its growing retail research capabilities. Read the whole story

  • Grassroots, Online To Support New Scion Models

    [Automotive] Besides import-car racing enthusiasts, the Toyota division is also targeting consumers interested in after-market accessorizing and performance enhancing. Read the whole story