Marketing Daily
Wednesday, February 28, 2007
  • B2B Lender CIT Breaks First Wave of Ads

    [Financial Services] The campaign will include print ads, advertorials, radio and events as the company seeks to establish its brand. Read the whole story

  • Calvin Klein Snaps Up Djimon Hounsou

    [Apparel] Talk about timing. Two days after signing, the actor was walking the red carpet at the Oscars. Looks like icing on Klein's delicious … Read the whole story

  • Federated Plans To Become The Macy's Group

    [Retail] The move is seen as logical, since most of Federated's sales--which were up 4.4% in fiscal 2006--involve the Macy's brand. Target also reported … Read the whole story

  • Volvo, Hyundai Seek New Images In Shop Reviews

    [Automotive]The automakers have different reasons for changing agencies. Volvo is looking for a new voice as it expands its portfolio; Hyundai is looking for … Read the whole story

  • Leveraging Guilt At Dinnertime

    Stouffer's is the latest to launch a Web site designed to turn the demise of the family dinner hour into a marketing opportunity. Their … Read the whole story

  • Sony's Cool Surfer Penguins Rack Up Hot Promo Deals

    [Technology] McDonald's, in its first Sony deal, is among corporate sponsors signing on to $100M in media spending to hype summer CGI flick "Surf's … Read the whole story

  • Basketball Promos Launch As Madness Marches In

    [Sports] Following the concept used for Dove, AT&T; is letting consumers compete to create college basketball videos, while the NBA teams with YouTube to … Read the whole story

  • Miller Brewing Exec Describes Challenges With Digital Music Mashups

    [Beer] Navigating the digital music space can be challenging for many marketers--even those as big as Miller Brewing Co., according to panelists at Digital … Read the whole story