Marketing Daily
Wednesday, July 25, 2007
  • Boeing's Dreamliner Story Spotlights Power of B2B2C

    [Strategy] "Given that virtually everything that's happened to the flying experience since 9/11 has been negative, the airline industry, in particular, is in dire … Read the whole story

  • Soon, Cell Phones Will Tap Into In-Store Marketing

    [Technology] "This type of application targets the 13- to-24-year-old market because these are the people whose thumbs get itchy if they can't do something … Read the whole story

  • Harley To Woo Women At South Dakota Rally

    [Automotive] This year, the company will, for the first time, launch a series of events specifically for women. Harley-Davidson will have a booth serving … Read the whole story

  • Kmart Launches Month-Long Blitz Via Draftfcb

    [Retail] The beleaguered company hopes the ads--which feature "Mr. Bluelight," an animated wink at Kmart's long history of blue-light specials--will encourage shopping moms to … Read the whole story

  • Kids Embrace Technology For Its Usefulness

    [Research] MTV/Microsoft observed kids' growing number of technology-connected friendships--all with an eye to observing how those relationships can influence brands. Kids 8-14 will have … Read the whole story