Marketing Daily
Friday, August 24, 2007
  • Tweens, Parents Have Similar Attitudes About Healthy Lifestyles

    [Research] On the nutritional front, both parents and kids indicated conscious efforts to ensure that the kids have healthy diets. But not surprisingly, there ... Read the whole story

  • Satisfaction Study Again Puts Virgin Mobile At Top Of Prepaids

    [Telecommunications] Parents appreciate stability from carriers that offer prepaid plans for kids under 18 who haven't learned the concept of quelling talk times. "Kids ... Read the whole story

  •, Saturn Seek Citizen Journo For Promotion

    [Automotive] The program is "designed to speak to the right audience," says Edmunds. "The readership of Inside Line--the contributors to forums--are the people Saturn ... Read the whole story

  • Shoppers Expect Seamless Cross-Channel Experience

    [Retail] "Retailers who are able to meet and exceed these needs will maintain a loyal customer base and ensure future purchases," says a new ... Read the whole story

  • Integrated Campaign Launches For Murine Earigate

    [Packaged Goods] "The challenge is to make ear hygiene as common as brushing your teeth," says the ad agency. The product is targeted at ... Read the whole story