Marketing Daily
Friday, September 7, 2007
  • Press' Move To Chrysler Gives 'Em Something To Talk About

    [Automotive] One industry observer speculates that Chrysler will ultimately be a "strip and flip" operation in which Cerberus Capital will dismantle the company and … Read the whole story

  • AT&T Campaign Targets Division I College Students, Alumni

    [Telecommunications] The Marketing Arm, which typically allocates between 60% and 70% of campaign funds toward media, turned the budget for AT&T;'s pep rally on … Read the whole story

  • Non-Spot/Internet Increasingly Driving Radio Ad Growth

    [Research] The ability of Internet radio not only to insert ads in streaming content, but sync banners and audio/video pre-rolls opens highly effective new … Read the whole story

  • Hot Denim Shores Up Back-To-School Sales

    [Retail] Among the best-performing brands, says one analyst report, are Guess, "which continues to roll in new denim offerings," and True Religion, "the fashion … Read the whole story

  • A Slimmer VW Moving Closer To Port, Key Consumers

    [Automotive] "They are an import company, and so it's good to be near your port, and while Detroit is strong in research, engineering and … Read the whole story