Marketing Daily
Wednesday, September 26, 2007
  • Marketers, Learn What You Can, Cannot Control Online

    [Conference] One associate attorney general said most of the office's efforts have to do with companies' efforts to "regain control" of the information process ... Read the whole story

  • Lenovo Campaign Lands At LAX With Focus On Quality

    [Electronics] The worldwide campaign calls attention to product development with outdoor signage as well as print and online ads. The advertising message: "If you're ... Read the whole story

  • Walk Of Fame Winners To Be Immortalized In Icon Museum

    [Industry] The Walk of Fame is "unequivocally and emphatically a great showcase for brands," says Advertising Week's executive director, adding that the program was ... Read the whole story

  • Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market Shows A Little More Leg

    [Retail] In addition to the specific markets, Tesco also gave a few more clues about its extensive food production facility in Riverside, Calif. Just ... Read the whole story

  • Anheuser-Busch: Healthy Pomegranates Get Tipsy, Too

    [Spirits] Mintel predicts that we'll see even more deep purple and red beverages in the months ahead: "Chefs will explore the deeper health benefits ... Read the whole story

  • Today's Marketers Must Tread A Media Minefield

    [Conference] Panelists at the National Advertising Review Council's NAD Annual Conference argued that, although the Web is protean, the law isn't. And that if ... Read the whole story

  • Betty Crocker Leading The Way To Soul Food

    [Food] General Mills is filling a need discovered through a recent survey of young African-American women that shows they are not very confident in ... Read the whole story