Marketing Daily
Monday, December 3, 2007
  • Was AT&T CEO's Slip Of The Lip Really A Flip Tip?

    [Telecom] It could have been an innocent and unintentional marketing ploy to talk about a new Apple iPhone that operates across AT&T;'s 3G network … Read the whole story

  • Hershey Meltdown: Top Marketing Chief Resigns

    [Food] Thomas Hernquist's resignation came the same day that COO David West replaced outgoing CEO Rick Lenny. This follows the departure of eight directors … Read the whole story

  • Holiday Sales Of Clothing Expected To Remain Weak

    [Retail] "November sales for apparel retailers are not necessarily a proxy for holiday," writes a Deutsche Bank analyst. "The kick-off to the holiday season … Read the whole story

  • 2008: Eco-Marketing To Take Front And Center Stage

    [Trends] Next year expect to see global marketers pitch consumers' inner ecologist. Among the areas that will see the most change: bottled water, cosmetics, … Read the whole story

  • Mercedes To Roll Out Diesel Promotion In U.S.

    [Automotive] "Diesel will be a tough sell in California and other states with stringent air control standards," says an analyst, "because hybrids are already … Read the whole story

  • KFC Leverages Holiday Stress In Meal Package, Online Contest

    [Restaurants] With an eye toward easing that stress, the company is promoting its Festive Feast, a 10-piece chicken meal with sides, drink and dessert. … Read the whole story