Marketing Daily
Thursday, January 24, 2008
  • Super Bowl-Related Sales Approach $10 Billion

    [Retail] Apparently, Patriots and Giants fans haven't heard about the looming recession. Based on its survey of nearly 8,500 consumers, conducted by BIGresearch, RAMA … Read the whole story

  • Chrysler Puts Brand Thoughts In Engineers' Minds

    [Automotive] Explains a spokesperson, "It has been until now platform-based, so there were teams for body-on-frame vehicles [e.g., trucks] like Jeep Wrangler and Dodge … Read the whole story

  • Marketers Struggling With Acceptance Of Software Apps

    [Research] While makers are aggressively adding functions to support project management, workflow definition, and financial management, products still lack collaboration features, which become increasingly … Read the whole story

  • Saturn Set To Tout Its Green-iosity With 'Rethink' Tag

    [Automotive] The GM division had an active year in 2007, launching some five vehicles and boosting retail sales and transaction prices. This year, the … Read the whole story