Marketing Daily
Tuesday, February 26, 2008
  • Credit Card Issuers' Combo Offers Rise

    [Financial Services] Fighting for new credit card holders in a fiercely competitive, saturated marketplace, banks are not only using more reward-program and rebate offers--increasingly, ... Read the whole story

  • Jared's 'Got Milk' With New Dairy/Subway Alliance

    [Restaurants] Shamrock Farms, a Phoenix dairy, is hoping to parlay its relationship as milk provider for Subway restaurants into a little reflected publicity by ... Read the whole story

  • L.L. Bean Toddles Into Chicago, Expands 'Green Store' Push

    [Retail] L.L.Bean is bringing its boots to Chicago, opening its first store ever outside the Northeast corridor. What's more, this will be Bean's seventh ... Read the whole story

  • Mercedes Adds TV to 'Mixed Tape' Program

    [Automotive] Mercedes-Benz is taking its three-year-old online music-download program "Mixed Tape" and mixing in TV. The global effort is being handled from Mercedes' headquarters ... Read the whole story

  • Pepsi Brands Meadowlands Ferris Wheel

    [Beverages] A 287-foot tall Ferris wheel in the Meadowlands will get Pepsi branding. The deal is part of a new $2 billion lifestyle, shopping ... Read the whole story