Marketing Daily
Tuesday, June 3, 2008
  • Beer Biz Waits With Bated Breath In InBev Bid For Anheuser

    [Beverages] "A-B takes great pride in being American-owned," notes Eric Schmidt, research director for beverage and liquor industry trade publisher Adams Beverage Group. Schmidt … Read the whole story

  • Talk About Your Tough Sell

    It's a good effort, but one might argue that it belies managed care's business model, which is kind of a null-service function: in contradistinction … Read the whole story

  • Wal-Mart Gains On Grocery Store Competition

    [Retail] "Across the country people are cutting costs, and Wal-Mart's competitive pricing model is attractive to shoppers," the BIGresearch report says, noting that shoppers … Read the whole story

  • Mobile Marketing Campaign Aims To Push 'Indiana Jones'

    [Entertainment] "About 15% of the people who bought the DVD since the promotion began have tried to download a ringtone," says Brian Hong, director … Read the whole story

  • Report: Credit Card Rewards Programs Not Delivering Goods

    [Financial Services] According to the Consumer Reports, about 85% of U.S. households participate in at least one rewards program. And a poll of the … Read the whole story

  • Companies Dangle Free Gas Like It's Going Out Of Style

    [Trends] From retail pharmacies and banks to travel agencies and amusement parks, marketers are leveraging the high price of gasoline to get consumers to … Read the whole story

  • Marketers Take Hit As More Consumers Turn To Home Dining

    [Restaurants] A study from Mintel, the Chicago-based consumer research firm, finds that 54% of people who dine out regularly are cutting back on restaurant … Read the whole story