Marketing Daily
Wednesday, June 25, 2008
  • Cannes Award Leads To Questions On Originality

    [Technology] "We did develop [the technology] for use by agencies," says David Palinchock, chairman of BEL. "It had not been used that way before ... Read the whole story

  • Ford Pitches Lincoln MKS To Younger African-American Crowd

    [Automotive] Lincoln's Brett Wheatley says the company is going for a younger buyer than Ford division pitched for the MKZ, the new car's predecessor. ... Read the whole story

  • Top 10 Cities With The Greenest Drivers

    1. Seattle 2. Burlington, Vt. 3. Portland, Ore. 4. Madison, Wisc. 5. Fargo, N.D. 6. Rochester, N.Y. 7. Minneapolis 8. Spokane, Wash. 9. San ... Read the whole story

  • Corona Expands Outreach To Full Latino Audience

    [Beverages] "With the total Hispanic population continuing to grow and diversify, and with our distribution expansion to the East Coast, it was important to ... Read the whole story

  • Wall-E Video Game Promotes Release Of Eponymous Film

    [Entertainment] The game allows fans to become familiar with characters prior to seeing the movie, as well as relive the movie's most thrilling moments ... Read the whole story

  • Jack In The Box Offers Free Tacos With A Gas Receipt

    [Restaurants] A 30-second TV ad, created by AOR Secret Weapon, began airing last week, while a 15-second ad is running at gas station pumps. ... Read the whole story

  • China To Leapfrog Japan In Retail Sales By '12

    [Retail] It's not that there aren't plenty of problems on the horizon, including speculative pressures, product safety issues and heightened Chinese nationalism. But, says ... Read the whole story