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Thursday, January 22, 2009
  • Coke Joins Pepsi In Move To Slow Soda Decline

    "These two brands are so big relative to the rest of their companies' portfolios that if they don't do better than they've been doing, … Read the whole story

  • The View From Your Window

    Share your view with us by clicking here. Read the whole story

  • Matchmaker, Matchmaker Find Me A Brand

    Savvy marketers can open up new worlds of opportunity and produce an incredible ROI through partnership marketing. They can also have tremendously pleasant and … Read the whole story

  • Audi Speeds Through Decades In New Campaign

    "The story we are telling America is that with all of our innovations and technology, Audi is both today and the future, so there … Read the whole story

  • Big Apple Bumps Spend To Lure More Visitors

    About 47 million people visited the city last year, including nearly 10 million from overseas. Tourism brings in $28 billion per year to the … Read the whole story

  • Economy Makes Consumer Behavior Erratic

    If marketers and retailers are feeling at loose ends about how to adapt to consumer behavior, there's very good reason. Consumer attitudes are shifting … Read the whole story

  • Study: Banks Cut Direct Mail By 25% In 2008

    "Faced by the unprecedented challenges of a weak housing market, the credit crunch, a global recession and declining consumer confidence, financial institutions cut back … Read the whole story

  • Coach, Burberry Join List Of Limping Brands

    While Coach boasts that "we stood virtually alone among retailers in maintaining our long-standing practice of not discounting in our retail stores," it says … Read the whole story