Marketing Daily
Monday, February 23, 2009
  • Ford Builds Buzz Around Upcoming Fiesta

    Using social networking as a way to reach Millennials is a sound strategy, provided that the company is upfront about its relationship with the … Read the whole story

  • Who's Got A Housecleaner?

    These are the Top 10 DMAs in which adults live who say they have used a housekeeping or cleaning professional in the last 12 … Read the whole story

  • Boomers: The Middle Frontier

    We've historically assumed that identity is formed in youth, so we think that if you understand the youth experience, you understand the adult. That's … Read the whole story

  • Fewer Than Half Of Marketers Use Online Metrics

    Metrics challenges tie in with the survey's confirmation that the vast majority of marketers are attempting to analyze data from disparate, largely unintegrated systems. … Read the whole story

  • Gets Mileage From Blooper Shorts

    Designed to drive traffic to, where consumers can then learn about the importance of credit in today's economy, the ads divert from the … Read the whole story

  • Lowe's, Penney's Post Big Declines In Quarter

    Losers include convenience stores, as more than a third of shoppers now buy most of their gasoline at alternative outlets, such as supermarkets, supercenters … Read the whole story

  • Sprint Calls In Oscar Ads

    Still more advertising changes occurred with ABC's "Academy Awards" broadcast--now one in the telecommunications category. Sprint Nextel became a first-time buyer of the event, … Read the whole story

  • JC Penney Holds Market Spend, Increases Cinema Ads

    JC Penney, one of the largest advertisers in Sunday night's Oscar broadcast, plans to maintain 2008 levels--or percentage of sales--in marketing investment this year. … Read the whole story