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Tuesday, April 21, 2009
  • Kia, Microsoft To Promote Soul On Xbox

    Whether Kia succeeds in wooing younger buyers is another question. Wes Brown, auto consultant with Iceology in L.A., says the company stands a chance … Read the whole story

  • The View From Your Window

    Share your view with us by clicking here. Read the whole story

  • IPod Didn't Kill The Radio Star

    There are no bad media, just bad media planning. It's worth exploring how radio can play a vital role in today's brand marketing programs. Read the whole story

  • Mitsubishi Digital Taps Facebook For Promo

    "We looked at many ways in which we could communicate the energy efficiency story tied to laser TV technology and Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America's … Read the whole story

  • Vespa Enlists Singers For Calif. 'Experiment'

    Featuring singer/songwriter Jason Reeves, and musicians Brendan James and Amber Rubarth, the two-week tour of the California coastline is to raise awareness about global … Read the whole story

  • S&P Downgrades Macy's And Penney To Junk

    In fact, in a separate report, the credit agency takes its gloomy view one step further, and says it doesn't believe there are any … Read the whole story

  • Go Mobile: Puma Strikes Major Deal For Volvo Race

    Athletic apparel company Puma has struck a major mobile marketing deal. It will air live telecasts of the current worldwide Volvo Ocean Race and … Read the whole story