Marketing Daily
Friday, November 27, 2009
  • Matching Brands With Celebrities Is A Science

    "We were surprised by the fact that Miley Cyrus and William Shatner, two very different celebrities at the opposite end of the age spectrum, … Read the whole story

  • Who Downloads Movies?

    Top 10 DMAs in which reside online users who downloaded movies in the past month: 1 Harlingen/ Weslaco/ Brownsville/ McAllen, Texas 2 Honolulu, Hawaii … Read the whole story

  • Top 10 Integrated Marketing Trends For '10

    1. Less will get done: until we learn to do more with less. While the cutbacks may be behind us: those left standing have … Read the whole story

  • Mintel Foresees More Shopper Belt-Tightening

    Tighter spending cut across gender, age, household income, race and ethnicity, and households with and without children. But there were some differences: women are … Read the whole story

  • Wine Growth Resuming, At Least For Domestics

    Mintel confirms that domestic wines have proved somewhat recession-proof. And thanks in large part to prices that are still on average 35% lower than … Read the whole story