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Wednesday, December 30, 2009
  • Top 10 Most-Read 'Marketing Daily' Stories Of '09

    "In a recession, people tend to go back to basics, and one of those basics is eating," Laura Ries, president of marketing and branding ... Read the whole story

  • Who Buys Organic Food?

    Top 10 DMAs in which reside adults who buy foods labeled natural or organic: 1 San Diego, Calif. 2 Seattle/ Tacoma 3 Philadelphia 4 ... Read the whole story

  • Brand Advocate Kane

    As I usually write about marketers' efforts to find the perfect consumer, I also see that they are often in the business of creating ... Read the whole story

  • Taco Bell Latest QSR To Promote Weight-Loss Angle

    Taco Bell's campaign, being rolled out in time to join the avalanche of New Year's weight-loss advertising, features one Christine Dougherty and includes the ... Read the whole story

  • Publishers Clearing House Launches $5 Million Effort

    The new iteration enters people into the sweeps with potential winners being chosen every 48 hours. If their number is chosen in that time ... Read the whole story

  • Customer Satisfaction With E-Tailers Soars In Recession

    "I was absolutely flabbergasted that every one of these retailers saw an increase," Larry Freed, ForeSee's president and CEO, tells Marketing Daily. "And it ... Read the whole story

  • New Fords Offer HD Radio with ITunes Tagging

    Auto manufacturers are now installing HD radio sets that leverage one of digital radio's "sexy" features: iTunes tagging that allows users to mark songs ... Read the whole story

  • Compete: Pepsi's Online Push A Smart Play

    PepsiCo earlier this month revealed it won't run any ads for its beverage brands during the upcoming Super Bowl after being the top advertiser ... Read the whole story