Marketing Daily
Wednesday, March 24, 2010
  • Verizon Preps Launch Of Free Skype Service

    Executives did not disclose marketing plans behind the service, although Verizon would likely want to hype it if only to differentiate from other applications … Read the whole story

  • Who Plans To Buy Furniture?

    Top 10 DMAs in which adults reside who plan to buy furniture in the next year: 1 Houston, Texas 2 Harlingen/ Weslaco/ Brownsville/ McAllen, … Read the whole story

  • No Sense In Marketing Of The Census

    Instead of giving all the money to one agency to get 300 million people to fill out a form, they should have just sent … Read the whole story

  • IRI Ranks '09's Top Product Launches

    While brand extensions historically have not outsold newly developed brands, the top launches also reflect food and beverage makers' recognition that leveraging existing, trusted … Read the whole story

  • After A Century, Coke Inks New MSG Deal

    This time around, however, Coca-Cola and its brands get a range of programs well beyond the usual pouring-rights and sports promotions bedrock of such … Read the whole story

  • Walgreens Profits Gain On Expanded Merchandise

    Look for more beer, wine and food offerings at Walgreens, as the drugstore chain continues its efforts to optimize its product mix, and zeros … Read the whole story

  • Dodge Ram Readies Heavy-Duty Campaign

    The company says the new effort will be focused on the bigger trucks under the Ram banner Ram Heavy-Duty pickup. The market for heavy-duty … Read the whole story

  • Dish Says DirecTV Doesn't Tell The 'Truth'

    Satellite TV advertising wars --- and lawsuits - between DirecTV and Dish Network continue. Much of the conflict comes from identifying (or mis-identifying) programming … Read the whole story