Marketing Daily
Thursday, April 29, 2010
  • 'Girls' Find Paris Hotels Via Partnership

    "This creative quiz concept is allowing us to better ensure that our guests are happy with their hotel choice, driving repeat visits and positive … Read the whole story

  • 'Thought Leadership' Is Next PR Frontier

    Committing to an ongoing campaign is the best way to demonstrate industry leadership and to ensure success in a business culture increasingly dominated by … Read the whole story

  • Jim Beam Offers Exclusive Kid Rock Downloads

    According to Beam, this is the first time a spirits brand and major record label have partnered to distribute new music from an "A-list" … Read the whole story

  • Audi Campaign Centers On 'Iron Man 2'

    Besides running a month-long late night TV and national cable campaign and a presence on and, the automaker also ran an "Iron … Read the whole story

  • Boomer Women Love Their Beauty Brands

    While the recession may have taught many women the delicate art of trading down, brand loyalty is alive and kicking in the beauty aisle. … Read the whole story

  • NBA Goes Low-Tech With National Truck Tour

    The tour, backed by T-Mobile USA, multi-year exclusive auto partner Kia Motors and Sprite, starts in Phoenix on May 1 at the "Cinco De … Read the whole story

  • Survey: Schools Should Cut Pizza, Burgers, Nuggets

    Nearly two-thirds (63%) of parents of school-age children, and 55% of Americans in general, describe the nutritional quality of local school food as "poor" … Read the whole story

  • FTC Uses Game Site To 'Ad-ucate' Kids

    To help kids understand advertising, the Federal Trade Commission is launching an ad literacy campaign at the game site Geared to 8-to-12-year-olds, the … Read the whole story