Marketing Daily
Tuesday, October 26, 2010
  • Victoria's Secret Offers $2 Million Bra

    The customized boulder-holder contains 60 carats of diamonds and 82 carats of sapphires and topazes, all set in 18-karat white gold. While the bra … Read the whole story

  • Intel, Just Another Chip

    Today, Intel is spinning the absence of an ingredient brand program as a way to be a good partner. In reality, it would cost … Read the whole story

  • Webroot Pins Hopes On Personality, Humor In Ads

    The heavily digital campaign features banner ads that ask whether users would rather see a video of Webroot's chief technology officer, Michel Kronenberg, explaining … Read the whole story

  • Branded Entertainment 'Must Be Measurable'

    "Branded entertainment needs the same judging criteria as any marketing effort: what did it do to sales," said Microsoft's Carolyn Everson. For instance, Procter … Read the whole story

  • Branded Entertainment: Put Skin In The Game

    Pepsi's Frank Cooper, who has spent the last two years relaunching Pepsi around optimism and positive change as well as consumers' participation in things … Read the whole story

  • Nationwide Groupon Features The Body Shop

    This is the first time L'Oreal's The Body Shop has partnered with Groupon, according to Shelley Simmons, The Body Shop's director of brand communications … Read the whole story

  • Cuervo Promotes Games With Spitzer, MLB

    "While it is Halloween weekend and we expect most people to come dressed in costume, our invitation to Mr. Spitzer is in no way … Read the whole story