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Thursday, December 23, 2010
  • Toyota Preps 'Prius Projects' For Brand Evolution

    This year and next are big for Toyota's Prius brand: 2010 was the 10th anniversary of the Prius; next year Prius for the first … Read the whole story

  • Holiday Shoppers Keep Eye On Autos

    Kelley Blue Book says that nearly 20% of shoppers who are cutting back on their holiday spend this year say they are doing so … Read the whole story

  • Visa Enlists 50+ Merchants For Mobile Offers

    "In any other case, I'd say that this was just another location-based app that aggregates nearby deals, which isn't that original these days," wrote … Read the whole story

  • T-Mobile Leverages NBA Tie For TV Ads

    "So much has changed about the fan experience in the 21st century and, everything being instantaneous, we really wanted to use that as being … Read the whole story

  • Weight Watchers Adds Kitchen Companion IPad App

    The Weight Watchers Kitchen Companion, is designed to deliver both, by combining interactive, hands-on help with low-cal, healthful at-home cooking (from menu planning through … Read the whole story

  • For Day's And Gen Y, Fair Trade Diamonds Sparkle

    While the industry continues to grapple with the concerns about blood diamonds, Day's Jewelers is aiming to put Fair Trade Diamonds Made in Botswana … Read the whole story

  • Read the whole story

  • Goodbye 2010, The Year Of Austerity

    And I'll bet you all thought 2009 was a killer. Read the whole story