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Friday, January 21, 2011
  • Hyundai Effort Urges 'Don't Be A Sheep!'

    You don't have to be a sheep and you don't have to accept conditioning. No, it's not a political slogan from a George Orwell ... Read the whole story

  • Who Prefers Traveling To New Places?

    Top 10 DMAs in which reside adults who agree with the statement, "On my vacations, I prefer traveling to places I've never been." 1 ... Read the whole story

  • Brand Mojo Makes Its Mark

    Every brand can tap into its own sources of mojo and put some zip back into its performance. Read the whole story

  • Virgin America, VH1 In Cancun Promotion

    Virgin America is teaming with VH1 to host a mile-high episode of one of the network's shows onboard its inaugural flight to Cancun. The ... Read the whole story

  • Pizza Hut Offers Movies-On-Demand Promos

    What to do with that awkward window of time after you've ordered a pizza online and you're waiting to pick it up or hear ... Read the whole story

  • Expansion At Hand As M-Commerce Plans Gain

    A new survey from the National Retail Federation and KPMG finds that 41% of retail executives plan to increase store expansions this year. That ... Read the whole story

  • Rattner: TARP, GM Management Changes Worked

    One very obvious form of direct control that Steven Rattner and the Fed did exercise was management change at the top of GM's hierarchy. ... Read the whole story