Marketing Daily
Wednesday, March 23, 2011
  • Carl's, Hardee's Talk Turkey (Burgers, Of Course)

    The challenge, brand- and marketing-wise, is maintaining that "hungry guy" image while providing healthier choices desirable to this core customer base that may also ... Read the whole story

  • Beware In Handing Over Social Media Keys

    Brands can't bat a thousand in social media engagement because consumers have differing tastes and sensibilities. Read the whole story

  • Social Media Means More Than Social Channels

    "Facebook and Twitter audiences report themselves to be frequent recommenders in every category we look at," says Keller Fay's Brad Fay. "We find that ... Read the whole story

  • Marketing: More than Just a Pretty Face

    If you want marketing to play a more strategic role, then focus on leveraging four customer-centric processes. Read the whole story

  • New Ford Focus Spokesperson: Puppet Named Doug

    During the streamed news conference, Doug misbehaves, suggests that he's only doing this because he got a free car from Ford, flirts openly with ... Read the whole story

  • Study Finds Smartphones Bring In Bucks

    The average revenue per smartphone user is $86, compared with $55 for the typical wireless customer. Additionally, smartphone sales, as a percentage of revenue, ... Read the whole story

  • New Seafood Brand Lets You Track Your Snapper

    In response to last year's massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and growing concerns about ocean sustainability, the Gulf of Mexico Reef ... Read the whole story

  • Report Explores Social Media, Consumer Relationship

    The basics are regular posts, trustworthy brand news, new product information, contests and special offers. However, brands that can also deliver either a sense ... Read the whole story

  • NPD: Calorie Posting Has Small Effects On Orders

    NPD's assessment is that the calorie-count posting that will be federally required for all chains with 20 or more units effective in this year's ... Read the whole story