Marketing Daily
Monday, July 18, 2011
  • Infiniti Challenges Lexus, Lets Fans Decide On Media

    The "Challenger" campaign is continuing with a more aggressive creative and a social-media component in which consumers help decide the ads' media rotation. The … Read the whole story

  • Hiring Across Channels Expands Brand Potential

    The best way to be a pioneer or visionary in your trade is for your employees to lay claim and draw inspiration from myriad … Read the whole story

  • Industry Unveils New Marketing-to-Kids Standards

    The new standards, while not specifically described as such, are clearly intended to present an alternative to the voluntary nutrition and marketing-to-children guidelines proposed … Read the whole story

  • Chrysler Turns SRT Into A Brand

    Heading up the new division/brand is Ralph Gilles, the multitasking designer-turned-marketing executive who became famous for penning the Chrysler 300 in 2005, then was … Read the whole story

  • Amana Intros An Idea: 'Life. Simplified.'

    The heart of the campaign is an online shopping tool that helps consumers decide, in three clicks, the appliance that best fits their needs. … Read the whole story

  • Bertolli Campaign Features Celebrity Chef App

    Bertolli's primary goal in the U.S. is to take its efforts to educate consumers about its three different olive oil varieties to a new … Read the whole story

  • Disconnect Between Causes, Products Deter Buying

    Although the majority of Americans (96%) say they can identify two to three causes that are important to them personally, the recent 2011 MSLGROUP … Read the whole story