Marketing Daily
Wednesday, November 23, 2011
  • Halls' Out-of-home Campaign Uses NFC Technology

    A product-launch campaign for the Halls cough drops brand is the first out-of-home effort to employ near field communications (NFC), according to Kraft Foods. ... Read the whole story

  • Understand, Improve Customer Engagement

    Got engagement? You'd better hope so. If not, consider this three-step process. Read the whole story

  • Online Spending Up 14% So Far; Women Rule

    A new study just out from Boston Consulting Group reports that 98% of American women it surveyed are using the Internet, 80% of them ... Read the whole story

  • Las Vegas Tourism Market Expanding

    The near-iconic phrase "what happens in Vegas...." must be resonating with consumers because the Las Vegas tourism industry is showing signs of a steady ... Read the whole story

  • Toyota Goes Epicurean For Prius V

    Toyota is partnering with American Express Publishing, and its Food & Wine lifestyle publication to promote its new Prius v car through integration with ... Read the whole story

  • EBay Intros 'Couch Commerce' For Holiday

    Buoyed by reams of data (including some from its PayPal subsidiary), the online marketplace is expecting a shift in the way people will do ... Read the whole story

  • Tommy Hilfiger Launches Holiday House Par-tay

    "The Hilfigers" are a diverse "family" of Americans living in a mansion, with trendy threads and a Millennial demographic, save for the fashionable patriarchs, ... Read the whole story

  • PUMA Unveils Pumagility Brand

    The German shoe company says the launch is the largest investment it has made in the U.S. this year, and that the new sneaker ... Read the whole story

  • Canadian Tourism Panel Launches Website, Mobile App

    The Canadian Tourism Commission is launching a new user-generated content travel website and mobile app, "Explore Canada Like a Local." Read the whole story

  • Want To Reach Mobile Users? Try Their Inbox

    Sales calls on a smartphone are unheard of. Texting is reserved for friends and family. Apps only reach select audiences. Social media is fine ... Read the whole story