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Wednesday, December 21, 2011
  • 'Give The Gift Of Family'

    "We asked ourselves, 'How do we stand out in a crowded holiday market, and how can we create something that's truly ownable?'" Debra Chesterton, … Read the whole story

  • Heading Toward Gamification Nation

    When considering gamification-based marketing, remember these rules. Read the whole story

  • Bank Marketers Re-think Communication

    With continuing media and regulatory scrutiny, respondents admit there is a need for greater customer reassurance. They recognize the need to use new digital … Read the whole story

  • Resurrecting The List Rental Industry

    With an average tenure of 22.9 months, today's CMO is one position that struggles to stay employed consistently. The problem lies largely in CMOs' … Read the whole story

  • NBA Sponsors Rush The Basket

    Emilio Collins, SVP of global marketing partnerships for the NBA, says that a lot of sponsorship-signing activity is happening late and fast partly because … Read the whole story

  • Stores Shower Procrastinators With Email

    With extended hours, stores like Macy's and Toys R Us are staying open around the clock, hoping to cash in on the $278 each … Read the whole story

  • 2012: Changed Americans Require Marketing Shifts

    Traditional American life-plans and aspirations, family makeup and male/female roles are increasingly irrelevant to much or most of the population. Shopping behaviors have been … Read the whole story

  • Jeep Gets People Digging Again

    The Jeep brand is offering a trip to "2012 Winter X Games 16" in a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Arctic edition. The social-media campaign, called … Read the whole story