Marketing Daily
Wednesday, February 15, 2012
  • Lexus Launches Curvy Swimsuit Sponsorship

    Lexus is continuing its up-shift to a more masculine, performance-oriented proposition with a highly, um, anatomical sponsorship of "Sports Illustrated" Swimsuit Launch Week. Read the whole story

  • At The Fair: Splurge Toys Are Back

    With Toy Fair -- and the 100,000 or so new products that come with it -- now in full swing, experts say they are … Read the whole story

  • Improvements, Pricing, Promos Drive Pizza Growth

    Improvements including menu innovations and ordering technology, combined with flat pricing and marketing/promotion pushes by leading pizza brands, are resulting in modest but improving … Read the whole story

  • That's Entertainment: Screen Size Doesn't Matter

    Consumers are using their tablets and smartphones to stream video programming at an increasing rate, and they're doing it in their homes, where televisions … Read the whole story

  • Goes Global With New Effort

    The company says new changes to the global branding platform will continue throughout the year, with most countries seeing the largest part of the … Read the whole story

  • Big Data: New Opps For Marketers

    Facebook is a perfect example of what is being called "big data" -- a term that refers to data sets too large to be … Read the whole story