Marketing Daily
Friday, March 23, 2012
  • It's A Wrap! Nissan's Next Five

    Also brand new is an ad campaign that will presage the arrival of the armada of new Nissan vehicles. The effort breaks on April … Read the whole story

  • The DNA Of The Digital CMO

    Digital CMOs think about every hour they spend that's not targeted as diluted. Regardless of the channel, it's about understanding the "persona" -- and … Read the whole story

  • Fujifilm's First Brand Campaign Talks Tech

    Despite having the word "film" in its name, Fujifilm Holdings North America is looking to remind consumers and business leaders that the company is … Read the whole story

  • Double Cross Vodka Assists April Fool's Tricksters

    The ultra-premium vodka brand will kick off its first official consumer campaign on April 1, premised on helping people "double-cross the mundane and frustrating … Read the whole story

  • Social Media Drives Small Biz Growth

    Small businesses are increasingly using social media channels to connect with customers and grow their businesses, according to a Citibank survey. Read the whole story

  • Macy's Revamping Its Bid For Gen Y

    Macy's says it is rethinking the way it approaches Gen Y, and is announcing a new initiative to build its relationship with the Millennial … Read the whole story

  • African-Americans: Web-, Smartphone-Centric

    African-Americans rely heavily on online sources for brand information and 95% of the demographic does online research, at least some of the time before … Read the whole story