Marketing Daily
Monday, March 26, 2012
  • Duracell Powers Up Olympic Marketing

    For its first Olympic marketing promotion, Duracell is looking to leverage its signature coloring to "power" U.S. athletes at this summer's Olympic games. Through ... Read the whole story

  • From Zero Moment of Truth To Empowerment

    Google's "zero moment of truth" -- when a consumer pauses to gather research from online or offline sources before ever reaching the store -- ... Read the whole story

  • New Puristics Takes On Unilever and J&J

    There's a new player in the mass end of the natural skin-care products line, with Scerene Healthcare Products rolling out its Puristics line in ... Read the whole story

  • Infiniti Goes For Acura With JX

    Infiniti is hoping to fill a gap in its product lineup and in the process, give the rough shoulder to Acura's MDX three-row luxury ... Read the whole story

  • FarmVille Players Can Now Use Miracle-Gro

    Zynga research shows that eight out of 10 surveyed FarmVille players in the U.S. also enjoy gardening at home, and over three quarters of ... Read the whole story

  • J.D. Power: Strong First Quarter For Autos

    We are closing in on the end of the first quarter and, at least from the auto industry perspective, it's looking a hell of ... Read the whole story