Marketing Daily
Thursday, March 29, 2012
  • DieHard Launches First Campaign For Alkaline

    The move is somewhat paradoxical -- since the campaign, via Y&R Chicago, has the larger purpose of changing consumers' perception that DieHard is only … Read the whole story

  • Coffee: What's The QSR/At-Home Crossover?

    Fully 61% of people who frequently drink coffee at home (four or more times per week) report that they almost never visit quick-serve restaurants … Read the whole story

  • Corona Extra, Modelo Especial Target Hispanics

    Corona Extra and Modelo Especial are launching national campaigns targeting the Hispanic market. The Corona Extra campaign is aimed at Hispanics ages 21-34. Modelo … Read the whole story

  • OnStar Brings New 'Family Link' To SoHo

    To demonstrated Family Link in situ, OnStar introduced the Kensington family, who showed how the new service does things like help subscribers locate their … Read the whole story

  • Bojangles Unleashes 'Chicken Cops'

    The campaign's heroes -- human detectives named Roadcross and Otherside ("Enforcers of Excellence") -- burst in on folks about to eat inferior chicken, flash … Read the whole story

  • ASICS Sets Sights On Gen Y

    ASICS, which launched its "Stop At Never" campaign during last fall's ING New York Marathon, is introducing the next phase, a video Web site … Read the whole story

  • Alignment: Key To Marketing Performance

    Alignment and accountability are the first steps every aspiring marketing organization must take to improve its performance management and measurement -- and they are … Read the whole story