Marketing Daily
Tuesday, October 16, 2012
  • Store Brands Headed For 30% Share, Report Finds

    Retailer private-label food brands will grow from their current 16% to 19% share of U.S. retail food dollar sales to a 25% to 30% … Read the whole story

  • Industry Will Keep Rolling If Road Stays Smooth

    Beth Ann Bovino, deputy chief economist and senior director at ratings service Standard & Poor's, says the painful global recovery we're in now ain't … Read the whole story

  • Red Lobster Beefs Up Offerings

    Among the new menu items are "Maine Stays," 15 dishes under $15 that include offerings such as bacon-wrapped shrimp, wood-grilled chicken with Portobello wine … Read the whole story

  • Do CMOs Know When They're Lying?

    Trouble is, telling the truth has never been a marketer's strong suit. In fact, we are still shaking our heads at how distorted some … Read the whole story

  • Nissan Launches Pathfinder Effort, Preps Sentra Push

    A 60-second ad, "Follow Me," has a family in the vehicle out in the mountains, crossing snow. They ask a local for directions to … Read the whole story

  • PayPal Launches National Effort

    PayPal is launching its first-ever national ad campaign featuring actor Jeff Goldblum. The minimalist spots simply feature Goldblum talking about the benefits of using … Read the whole story

  • Why Advertising Needs To Change

    It's no coincidence that viewability has become a top concern of marketers in our industry. And it should be -- when more than half … Read the whole story

  • Dear Customer: I Have To Let You Go

    Marketers love their brand zealots. They are instrumental in establishing the brand, and their impact is wider and stronger than ever in today's socially … Read the whole story

  • Radically Connected Kids

    They were born in 1993 and 1994, and they're just now coming of age. They are your new demographic, and you can't reach them. … Read the whole story