Marketing Daily
Friday, November 23, 2012
  • Birds Eye Reports Success With 'ICarly' Partnership

    A multi-pronged Birds Eye campaign in partnership with Nickelodeon's "iCarly" live-action series has yielded strong engagement metrics and sales gains for the brand that … Read the whole story

  • Toy Product Blasts Into Holiday Season

    With so many kids finding entertainment in electronics, paintball products and sporting goods manufacturer Kee Action Sports wants to introduce kids to a little … Read the whole story

  • Jaguar Roars Into All-Wheel Drive

    "As we were developing the business case for AWD, we looked at auto registration data," he says. "We set a threshold of 50% AWD. … Read the whole story

  • A Heads-Up For The Holiday -- Or, How We'll Avoid The Apocalypse

    Superstorm Sandy. The fiscal cliff. Twinkiecide. Talk about sounding the alarm. Lately, events have been so ominous that a person could be persuaded that … Read the whole story

  • Sandy Through Indian Eyes

    My philosophy about success, in business or otherwise, begins with a few questions. How many experiences are you willing to have, to leave yourself … Read the whole story