Marketing Daily
Monday, December 10, 2012
  • Old Navy Goes Social With BuzzFeed

    Old Navy has gotten a lot of attention for its seasonal TV campaign featuring "The Griswolds," but there are some under-the-wire digital happenings aligned ... Read the whole story

  • Social, Net Heavily Influence Moms' Food Choices

    Mothers are 43% more likely to go online to gather coupons and 38% more likely to look at store Web sites than food shoppers ... Read the whole story

  • Fiat GSTV Creative: Man In Pump

    It appears to be a slot in the pump through which a slightly crazed guy is peering, speakeasy-style. He has taken up residence in ... Read the whole story

  • GAC Network Broadens Base With Hollywood Talent

    The new campaign, which is quietly launching on the network this week before fully rolling out in the first quarter, expands on an effort ... Read the whole story

  • Cynicism Toward Charities Is On The Rise

    New research from the marketing company finds that only 16% of consumers say they intend to purchase cause-related presents this year, far lower than ... Read the whole story

  • Gen X Most Vulnerable Financially

    Different generations responded differently to the recession, according to a study, and leaving Generation X members the most vulnerable in terms of their lack ... Read the whole story

  • Top 10 Excuses For Disrespecting Management

    I've been out of the ad-criticism game for a few years now, but those Top and Bottom 10 year-enders are irresistible, are they not? ... Read the whole story

  • 'Tis the Season To Be Shopping

    As the holiday season draws near, advertisers should not forget that "you get what you give," and value-exchange advertising may just be your ticket ... Read the whole story