Marketing Daily
Tuesday, February 5, 2013
  • Harley-Davidson Rides With Kid Rock For National Tour

    Harley is title sponsor of Kid Rock's "Rebel Soul" tour, which kicked off Feb. 2 in Kansas City. The company is putting products and ... Read the whole story

  • Samsung Tops In Brand Engagement, Loyalty

    "This is a big turnaround," Robert Passikoff, Brand Keys founder and president, tells Marketing Daily. "Samsung was always strong, but this is a bit ... Read the whole story

  • Mr. Peanut Offers Sexy V-Day Video Cards On Facebook

    That naughty Mr. Peanut is at it again. This time, the iconic Planters brand character is starring in three humorously sexy Valentine's Day video ... Read the whole story

  • Bud Scores A Touchdown With Baby Clydesdale

    The final results are in, and Budweiser's "Brotherhood" ad featuring its iconic Clydesdales was indeed the most effective ad of the Super Bowl, according ... Read the whole story

  • Study: Young, Urban, Actives Over-Index On Cars

    Fifty-five percent of this group, per Outcast, owns at least two cars versus 37% of the general population, which means a 47% higher multi-car ... Read the whole story

  • #SocialTV Lessons From Oreo's Game-Day Win

    Oreo didn't just air a spot with a fleeting hashtag -- it gained followers for its just-launched Instagram channel; it created artifacts that can ... Read the whole story