Marketing Daily
Tuesday, February 5, 2013
  • Harley-Davidson Rides With Kid Rock For National Tour

    Harley is title sponsor of Kid Rock's "Rebel Soul" tour, which kicked off Feb. 2 in Kansas City. The company is putting products and … Read the whole story

  • Samsung Tops In Brand Engagement, Loyalty

    "This is a big turnaround," Robert Passikoff, Brand Keys founder and president, tells Marketing Daily. "Samsung was always strong, but this is a bit … Read the whole story

  • Mr. Peanut Offers Sexy V-Day Video Cards On Facebook

    That naughty Mr. Peanut is at it again. This time, the iconic Planters brand character is starring in three humorously sexy Valentine's Day video … Read the whole story

  • Bud Scores A Touchdown With Baby Clydesdale

    The final results are in, and Budweiser's "Brotherhood" ad featuring its iconic Clydesdales was indeed the most effective ad of the Super Bowl, according … Read the whole story

  • Study: Young, Urban, Actives Over-Index On Cars

    Fifty-five percent of this group, per Outcast, owns at least two cars versus 37% of the general population, which means a 47% higher multi-car … Read the whole story

  • #SocialTV Lessons From Oreo's Game-Day Win

    Oreo didn't just air a spot with a fleeting hashtag -- it gained followers for its just-launched Instagram channel; it created artifacts that can … Read the whole story