Marketing Daily
Wednesday, May 22, 2013
  • Microsoft Unveils Xbox One

    Via a live Webcast that featured Microsoft and gaming executives (with a cameo from Steven Spielberg), the company touted how the next-generation console will ... Read the whole story

  • Crowne Plaza Measures PGA Tour Sleep Habits

    Just in time for the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial tournament this week, Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts has partnered with the PGA Tour ... Read the whole story

  • Destination XL's Pixelated Privates Cause Controversy

    "Once again, it's showing how this bigger man is just not treated equally," CEO David Levin tells Marketing Daily. "So he's not a hunky ... Read the whole story

  • Telematics Ecosystem Booming, But Caution Advised

    Henry Bzeih, Kia Motors America's chief tech strategist, says that while the smartphone and app technology exists for marketers to make offers based on ... Read the whole story

  • Balance Bar Unveils 1st National TV Ads In 10+ Years

    NBTY CMO Katia Facchetti cites recent Nielsen and SymphonyIRI data that respectively confirm that the nutrition/energy bar category is growing at double-digit rates, and ... Read the whole story

  • Sony Touts Ultra High-Definition TVs

    "[Director Garth Davis] had a personal experience with the Sony 4K Ultra HD TV at the Sundance Film Festival, and a creative vision to ... Read the whole story

  • Dodge Goes Social With 'Defiance'

    Chrysler LLC's Dodge, which has category-exclusive sponsorship of the "Defiance" TV show and online game for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, is extending ... Read the whole story

  • iWatch Answers How We Feel About Brands

    Beyond delivering the coolest accessory since 1983's "Frogger" video game watch, the wearability trend will usher in a new era in the way we ... Read the whole story

  • The Rise Of The Visual Web

    With the right Pinterest analytics platform, companies can create an online presence that showcases the latest products and services and drives sales conversions -- ... Read the whole story

  • 2013 EFFIE Award Preview: Get Away With It For JetBlue

    This was the perfect platform, as it tapped into nostalgia, reminding people when packaged vacations were the norm and given away as grand prizes ... Read the whole story