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Wednesday, December 18, 2013
  • Target Plays With Pinterest's Pull

    Its digital team pulled the site together in just a few weeks, focusing on the overlap between the top-trending items on and those … Read the whole story

  • Childhood Obesity Tops 2013's Food News Stories

    In awareness terms, 2013's #2 and #3 stories were the short-lived absence and subsequent revival of iconic Hostess Twinkies, and New York City's ban … Read the whole story

  • Lincoln's Tobin Talks Product And Planning

    Scott Tobin, head of Lincoln product development, spoke about the brand at an International Motor Press Association lunch on Tuesday. His challenges are great: … Read the whole story

  • Holiday Shoppers Storming Online

    With time running out on all but the most determined procrastinators, a new survey from the National Retail Federation reports that shoppers are counting … Read the whole story

  • Stella Artois Promo Offers 'The Gift'

    Stella Artois is conducting an online and mobile campaign dubbed "The Gift" which tests the altruistic nature of participants. The beer company began sending … Read the whole story

  • TWC Tosses Cruz Footballs In The Dark

    A new video produced by the cable company shows Cruz, looking like an extra from "Tron" in an illuminated outfit, catching glow in the … Read the whole story

  • Fourteen Trends To Help Re-Create 2014

    Here are 14 critical trends to help marketers re-create their own futures in 2014 -- as well as break old habits, embrace new methods … Read the whole story

  • Why Retailers Should Consider Portfolio Optimization

    Companies today need to consider where they should strategically invest in building meaningful brand propositions, determine the optimal number of brands required to deliver … Read the whole story