Marketing Daily
Tuesday, May 20, 2014
  • Cricket Tries To Make Consumers Smile

    "We're keeping the Cricket name, but we're changing the game," Cricket President Jennifer Van Buskirk tells "Marketing Daily." "This is a huge upgrade for … Read the whole story

  • For Brands, Apps Are A Big Bust

    "If you look at it with a glass-half-full perspective, it's worth noting that 80% of brand sites are mobile optimized, so the majority are … Read the whole story

  • Budweiser Brings Back Patriotic Packaging

    Budweiser is bringing back its patriotic red, white and blue cans and bottles just in time for Memorial Day. The beer company is also … Read the whole story

  • OMMA Native Asks 'What Is Native'?

    "One of the issues I've experienced is we don't know what to call it," said one of the panelists, expressing the general sentiment. "It … Read the whole story

  • Chipotle Bags, Cups Offer Essays By Authors, Comics

    The initiative, called Cultivating Thought, offers thoughts not published elsewhere from Toni Morrison, Malcolm Gladwell, George Sanders, Steven Pinker, Sarah Silverman, Michael Lewis, Bill … Read the whole story

  • Will Native Drive The Next Advertising Renaissance?

    Given that The New York Times has created highly engaging, sophisticated and aesthetically consistent marketing partnerships with the likes of Goldman Sachs and United … Read the whole story

  • Stop the Madness: CPA Must Die

    Because CPA is so easy to calculate, especially in the case of digital media spending, business leaders have become obsessed with this number and … Read the whole story