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Wednesday, January 21, 2015
  • Hot Spot: H&M Teases With Beckham

    Will the world ever get tired of watching David Beckham get dressed? H&M doesn't think so, and is unveiling its latest collaboration, called Modern ... Read the whole story

  • Mazda Leaps Off The Page In Norway With 3D Ads

    The ads use an an optical illusion to make the creative look 3D, so one does not need special technology, wearables, or other enhancements ... Read the whole story

  • Super Bowl Winner? This Year, Odds Are On Daddy

    "This has been building for some time, and it's because marketers are finally understanding that it's not so much what mom does or what ... Read the whole story

  • Kellogg Seeks Input In New 'Open for Breakfast' Campaign

    The new campaign is the latest example of major brands' focus on conveying that they're listening and responding to the so-called "voice of the ... Read the whole story

  • Mophie Bets On Exciting Super Bowl

    Mobile battery case maker Mophie will be looking to make a name for itself with a spot during the Super Bowl. "We're in a ... Read the whole story

  • Menopause Supplement Launches 'Monologues' Campaign

    "During qualitative research we learned it was okay to talk about menopausal symptoms in a humorous way," Estroven Brand Manager, Beth Smith tells "Marketing ... Read the whole story

  • Millennials Are Brand Loyal, But Product Quality Is Key

    While last week's report from Nielsen found implicit value in TV ads for Millennials, a new report from Elite Daily says digital and social ... Read the whole story

  • Product Is The New Media, So Turn Your Product On

    Advertising innovation is increasing at a quick pace, but could the answer to long-lasting consumer engagement already be sitting right on the shelf? Read the whole story