Marketing Daily
Friday, April 24, 2015
  • Ford To Put A Big Halo Around Explorer Platinum Series

    The event also put the spotlight on the sound system that will be packed inside: Sony's Clear Phase and Live Acoustics audio platforms, which … Read the whole story

  • Amid Strong Sales, Cabela's Pushes 'Disconnect Day'

    The pledge also helps people set an "Out of Office" generator, prompting a calendar reminder, as well as gear lists. Afterwards, the chain encourages … Read the whole story

  • Butterfinger Extends Pacquiao Campaign With Commemorative Portrait

    The premise is that he's training to help Butterfinger Cups, which have a crunchy filling and square shape (four corners), go up against the … Read the whole story

  • Carrier Experience Influencing Handset Satisfaction

    "This is the first time we've seen multiple brands ranking highest among carriers," Kirk Parsons, senior director and practice leader of telecommunications at J.D. … Read the whole story

  • Hartz Launches Flea/Tick Education Campaign

    This dedicated messaging will be promoted through digital advertising and social media. Implementing interactive and engaging tactics to augment this behavior is the goal … Read the whole story

  • Kristen Simmons Hopes To Bring Some 'Zoom Zoom' To Experian

    The new CMO of the credit reporting firm says, "What I see is that lots of people feel powerless. One of our big tasks … Read the whole story

  • How To Be An Emotionally Intelligent Marketer

    With increased technology, many digital marketers are desperately targeting and re-targeting potential customers in all the wrong places...and it's pissing them off. Read the whole story