Marketing Daily
Monday, July 20, 2015
  • Chevrolet Brings Trax Campaign To Interactive Screens

    The experience comprises a 165-inch video wall and interactive touchscreen that encourages passers-by to learn about things like where locals go to eat good … Read the whole story

  • Kantar: Marketers Backing Away From Coupons

    Stores slashed their promotional pages 21.6% versus the first half of 2014, running 11.4 billion pages in the first half of 2015. Although Walmart … Read the whole story

  • AT&T Takes Distracted Driving Effort To Airwaves

    "We hope these ads will challenge viewers to put themselves in these scenarios," Michelle Kuckelman, executive director of brand management at AT&T, tells "Marketing … Read the whole story

  • Jergens Kicks Off Comic Spots With Actress Leslie Mann

    The campaign, created by Arnold, starts later this month with print ads running in trade and weekly consumer publications. And it's releasing digital snippets … Read the whole story

  • Kids Ideal Target For Restaurant Digital Marketing

    Kids are "vital consumers" of digital marketing and successful restaurant strategies often leverage digital entertainment to increase brand engagement with kids, according to market … Read the whole story

  • Job Site Indeed Sponsors International Champions Cup

    Mary Ellen Dugan, VP, marketing at Indeed, tells "Marketing Daily" that the company is looking to build global awareness with the event, which will … Read the whole story

  • Great Job, Sir!

    Donald -- Congratulations on another super strong week, profile-raising-wise! You're out there saying the things only you have the courage to say. But I … Read the whole story

  • Is This The Year Of The Female Superhero?

    It looks like the entertainment world has discovered that young girls and superheroes - especially female superheroes - are the newest super force. Read the whole story