Marketing Daily
Tuesday, August 30, 2016
  • Dollar Store Sales Hit Speed Bumps

    Dollar General, Dollar Tree and Big Lots are reporting disappointing sales, even as market researchers find new enthusiasm for bargains among affluent shoppers and ... Read the whole story

  • Pizza Hut Boxes Feature Playable Flick Football Field

    Pizza Hut is also launching a "Flick Football Challenge" game inviting fans to share videos of their skills for chances to win free pizza ... Read the whole story

  • Verizon Launches LTE Advanced Network

    "While discount carriers talk about what they plan to do, we work every day to make [our network] even better through technology," Verizon's director ... Read the whole story

  • In A First, YouTube Tops Kids' Favorite Brands

    "Frankly, there are no other competitors," Blair Fischer, a SmartyPants rep, tells "Marketing Daily." "This is just what makes sense. With YouTube, there is ... Read the whole story

  • Discounts Won't Drive Auto Sales, Study Finds

    The top three reasons buyers say they want to buy a vehicle are: 27.3% want one of the new models, 21% have problems with ... Read the whole story